Diaper Raffle Baby Shower – Easy Instruction to Host Your Party a Successfully

Diaper Raffle Baby Shower

A diaper raffle baby shower can be a super fun way to celebrate the new addition to your family—just don’t forget these tips! From planning ahead to organizing volunteers, this guide will help you throw an amazing party that will make the moms-to-be feel special and show the dad-to-be how much he’s going to love being around his new kids! You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to do it again as soon as possible!

Planning an Amazing Event

1. Hold your diaper raffle baby shower during the months of November and December, when the weather is colder and people are spending more time at home with their children.

2. Invite everyone you know! This can be tricky if you’re not on social media, but make sure to send out word through any other channels you may have (i.e., email, text messages).

3. Have plenty of food available in case people show up hungry; snacks are fine too!

How to Throw a Diaper Raffle Baby Shower Game

You’ll find instructions for a diaper raffle and you’ll be set to throw a killer diaper raffle event.

What is a Diaper Raffle?

Diaper raffles encourage your friends and family to bring diapers to your baby shower.

If you ask your guests to bring diapers to your baby shower, you’ll inform them that they will receive a ticket and be entered into the diaper raffle to win a grand prize if they bring diapers.

During your baby shower, collect diaper raffle tickets and place them in a bowl. It’s your choice which ticket wins the special prize. You can choose one winner or multiple winners, based on how many prizes you want.

Diaper raffles are loads of fun and are pretty economical because they don’t require hosts to buy any prizes other than those designated for the raffle. If you enjoy baby shower games that are both enjoyable and functional, a diaper raffle will surely fit the bill.

Create Diaper Raffle Wording

Your baby shower invitation should include information about your diaper raffle in order to get the game started.

Make sure your guests understand how bringing a package of diapers earns them a ticket for the diaper raffle and a chance to win the grand prize.

If your invitation does not have room to include detailed game instructions, add more information to your WebBabyShower website. Include any information that fits on your invitation, including prizes, diaper packages, or any other information that isn’t on the invitation.

What You Will Need

You can get your raffle tickets at any party supply store or at the dollar store. Alternatively, they can be custom-made at any print shop.

Raffle Bowl: a container that can hold a variety of items and then provide one of them at the conclusion of a raffle.

Prizes for the diaper raffle winner can be things like movie tickets or gift certificates for manicures and pedicures. a bottle of wine, a basket of snacks; a teddy bear. consider a themed gift for the guests – be creative and make it a thoughtful present that would encourage them to purchase several tickets.

Add Raffle Tickets Into Invitation Envelopes

If you’re concerned your loved ones might forget their tickets or get rid of them, be sure to give them out during your baby shower.

One way to play the diaper raffle game is for everyone to bring one package of diapers, getting one ticket in return. The second way to play is everyone who brought a package of diapers receives a ticket. The more diapers they buy, the more tickets they will receive which increases their chance of winning.

Trying to get as many diapers as possible sounds like a good idea on paper, but really it depends on the amount of guests you are inviting and how much room you have.

If you have a lengthy guest list and they bring extra cases of diapers, you might not have space to store them. Make sure you have an ample space designated to put the extra diapers before asking them if they can bring more than one.

An Amazing Prize

You’ll be fully stocked when your little one arrives if you select awesome diaper raffle prizes. Think outside the box, and go beyond the typical raffle prizes of wine and gift baskets.

On your invitations or baby shower website, you should let your guests know what the prizes will be, which will encourage them to participate.

Give your loved ones nice prizes to show your appreciation for their investment in diapers.


We’re finally here – time to draw the diaper raffle winner!

If you can gather everyone in one place, such as your living room, they will be able to watch in suspense as you choose the winning ticket.

If there are multiple winners, alternate the tickets between parents.

The winner (or winners) should collect their prize and you should take a photo to remember this exciting moment.

Set Up A Diaper Raffle Table

In order to ensure your guests will have a place to put their diaper packs when they arrive at your diaper raffle baby shower, you need to set up a diaper raffle table near the entrance.

As well as preventing a diaper explosion, having a designated area allows you to keep your diapers organized so you won’t lose them when the party is over.

To set up your diaper raffle table, you will need a framed diaper raffle sign so your guests know where to put their diapers and game instructions for them to follow.


Congratulations! You’ve planned and executed an amazing diaper raffle baby shower. You’ve shown the mom-to-be just how much you care, and she’ll be back for your next event in no time. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the day with her.